Me, Myself and I

Welcome to my blog!
If you are now reading these lines, you must be an activist interested in professional development, just like me... Want to learn more about me? 

Let me introduce myself... I am a dedicated English instructor, who has 13 years’ experience in ELT, at BUSEL (Bilkent University School of English Language) and METU (Middle East Technical University). 

My passion for teaching was first sparkled at the age of 18, when I was getting prepared for the university entrance exam. I decided to be an English teacher; thus, I studied 
at the Department of Foreign Languages Education at METU. 

Immediately after graduation, I started to work at BUSEL, which contributed a lot to my teaching. While teaching at BUSEL, I received ICELT (In-service Certificate of English Language Teaching) from Cambridge University and awarded with an overall grade of Distinction. 

After teaching English for General Purposes at BUSEL, I wanted to challenge myself further in a different context by teaching English for Academic Purposes, which started my career at Modern Languages Department (MLD) at METU. 

2007 was when I decided to take my career to the next level by doing further studies in ELT. In 2007, I received an M.A. degree in TEFL from Bilkent University. In my M.A. thesis, I had the opportunity to focus on reflective teaching, which then turned out to be the core of my teaching and training practices. 

After doing my M.A., I co-authored Academic English Survival Skills I, which is currently used in many institutions, including METU. 

At MLD, I have worked as English instructor, textbook writer, syllabus designer, teacher trainer, assistant chairperson and advisor to the chairperson.  Currently, I work as an English instructor...

I have special interest in teacher training and materials development. I hold training sessions at METU and throughout Turkey and give conference talks in both national and international conferences.

I finished writing The Activist, my first teacher training book, in May 2012 and this blog is an extension of this book created to bring together activists from different teaching contexts. This blog welcomes all activists who seek different ways of enhancing their classroom practices.   

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